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Portland Hydro Excavation Services

Hydro-excavating is a non-desructive method using pressurized water to stir up soil. At the same time, a high pressure vacuum is used to remove the soil, leaving a clean hole around which work can be safely performed. Hydro excavation replaces conventional backhoe and digging techniques, providing a sager work environment, a more precise operation and less impact to the environment.

MRP Hydro excavation services can be utilized for on-site disposal, or we can remove the debris for off-site disposal. Our experienced team works in the most complex environments and our powerful equipment will get the job done right the first time!

Hydro-excavation uses include:

Exposing underground utilities for servicing and repairs
Digging telephone pole holes
Creating trenches for geo-thermal installation
Removing tree stumps
Excavating soil for pool installation
Excavating in frozen ground
Excavating landscaped property
Excavating remote or hard-to-reach area

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