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Portland Residential Plumbing Services

At MRP, our trained staff will address any drain or sewage issues in your home. You can count on us for reliable, on time 24/7 emergency or scheduled plumbing services.

MRP’s commitment to service and quality has made us a leader in the Pacific Northwest for residential services. We are a locally owned company, working with you to provide top quality products and services tailored to your specific needs. Contact us today for your residential plumbing installation, maintenance, and service needs.

The most common services we provide for residential properties are drain cleaning as well as septic and sewer, hydro excavation for your landscaping projects and emergency clean up.

Drain Cleaning

Our drain cleaning services include:

  • Unclogging bathroom sinks, tubs, and toilet drains. Drain blockage usually comes from soap, hair, paper products, or just old pipes needing a bit of help. We offer camera and video inspection to locate and identify the problem area. After locating the blockage, we will scour and jet your pipes with high powered jetting to ensure your drains are cleaned 360 degrees.
  • Dishwashers and disposals are also a problem area in the home. We can inspect those a lot like we do bathroom drains and help your home get back to normal as soon as possible.
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Septic and Sewer

Septic and Sewer Services are also a large portion of our business since ¼ of homes run on a septic system. We help with emergency septic needs, and by using our electronic locators, can identify your problem immediately. Similar to drain cleaning, we provide cameras to document your entire septic system, which can be used for inspections, regulatory compliance, and other applications.

For optimum septic system performance, we also have a specially blended septic maintenance formula that is designed to improve and maintain septic tank and cesspool performance. This treatment helps break-down the contents of your septic system, improving overall performance and reducing the likelihood of blockages and system backups, diminishing the need for emergency services. Ask us about our special blend when you call for service.

Our experienced staff can also help with:

  • New tank installation and will work with builders for new construction to obtain the proper permits for your site.
  • Cleaning and maintaining any existing system.
  • Tank inspections, which should be done every 1-3 years, depending on which region you’re in and what goes into your tank. Also if your home sits vacant for 6 months or more septic problems can arise so inspection is recommended.
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Water Hauling

Water Hauling and Water Delivery Services are the most cost-effective and convenient ways to get bulk water to your residence. MRP offers many useful services to residential homes including:

  • Fill your pool, pond, or water feature! This is a convenient way to quickly get good quality water for your pool. Instead of using your garden hose, which can be costly and time consuming, our water hauling service will be there to get the job done fast and cost efficiently.
  • Dust control, if you are building new construction or remodeling your home you might have a problem with dust. Our water can be utilized with a specialized formula that contains natural additives which attaches to the dust to help keep it under control.
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