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Portland Sewer Services

MRP’s Sewer Services include repairing, maintaining, cleaning and replacing sewer systems for commercial and residential customers.

Sewer Services include:

  • Fix bellied pipes
  • Remove infiltration from tree roots
  • Remove blockages caused by grease buildup or foreign objects
  • Catch basin installation
  • Catch basin cleaning and maintenance
  • Repair damage caused by corrosion
  • Service hot water heater, leaking joints and off-grade pipe repair
  • Perform sewer hook up’s
  • Perform hydro excavation to minimize impact to landscaping and avoid damage to underground utilities

Additionally, our top-of-the-line video inspection equipment covers distances up to 600 feet. we can insert cameras into manholes, toilets, etc., giving us the capability to see all of the laterals and any imperfections that may be present in the system. This technology saves time and money and we can quickly identify the location of the issue to repair the blockage.

We also provide excavation repair, and in emergencies, we can hydro excavate when it isn’t feasible to get a locating company on-site in a timely manner. Please see our Hydro Excavation section for more information on this service.

Our root treatment services inhibits root growth in sewer lines infiltrated with roots, by injecting a growth inhibitor for a certain period of time.

Our trenchless technology allows us to replace old decayed sewer lines while only digging at two locations at the site. This minimizes site impact as we don’t have to tear up driveways, sidewalks, and lawns. This also means less time on the job with a quicker and easier install.

Our rain drain services will clean your drains using either a vacuum technique, or a jet technique that will remove all the sediment from your lines.

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